BuyAlaska is a partner program of the Alaska SBDC, which is hosted by UAA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions that we've been receiving here at BuyAlaska. Please review this page before contacting us with questions, because the answer you're looking for will very likely be on this page!

If you review all the questions here and you are still unable to find a solution to your problem, please contact us with your question, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

General Questions

Who is eligible to create a listing on this site?

Any owner/manager/representative of a business, non-profit, or agency in Alaska. The minimum requirement is that the organization must have a physical location in Alaska. Local offices contribute to the local economy whether they are a home-based sole proprietor or a branch of a national chain store. They pay local property taxes, hire Alaskans, support local businesses through their own purchases and often contribute to local charities.

Is this site only for businesses that make a product in Alaska?

No, again is for ALL types of businesses. Those that sell products OR services. You'll see that Alaska Airlines, Wells Fargo, Costco, and other major companies that have both local offices and Outside offices have listed their local offices at

Does a business have to be Alaskan owned to be eligible for a listing?

Not necessarily. As long as the business has a physical location in Alaska and adds money to Alaska's economy (i.e. the business hires Alaskans, makes purchases from other local businesses, pays property taxes, etc.), it is eligible for a listing on this site.