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Alaska Distillery
Alaska Distillery (formally Glacier Creek Distillery) is an Alaskan owned and operated Micro Distillery located in Wasilla, Alaska. We handcraft an ultra premium vodka from the highest quality ingredients and hand-harvested glacier ice.


Listing created: 12/3/2009
Listing last updated: 6/20/2013
Accepts Orders Online Accepts Orders Online
Alaskan Owned Alaskan Owned
Chamber Member Chamber Member
Made In Alaska Made In Alaska
Business License: 924086
Year Established: 2005
Employees: 3-5

Phone: 907.382.6250
Website:  www.alaskadistillery.com
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1540 North Shoreline
Wasilla, AK 
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P.O. Box 1433
Palmer, AK


Phone: 907.382.6250
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Name:Toby Foster  
Phone: 907.382.6250
Name:Winston Chelf  
Phone: 907.440.2755
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"Had a great dirty martini at the 2009 Alaska International Film Festival, Martini Matinee event. In a word: SMOOTH. Seriously great vodka, kudos. A real Alaska spirit, love it." - Kevin at Alaska HDTV (12/14/2009)

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