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Alaska Grown
Alaska Grown products can't thrive on sunshine, water and farmer's TLC alone - they also require consumer demand. Local Alaska Grown producers are competing against large, out-of-state corporations who can provide large quantities at a low price. However, this often comes at the cost of quality, flavor and freshness.

If the Alaska Grown promise - fresher by far - is important to you, and you're in favor of supporting the local economy, make it known to the businesses you patronize. It is easy to ask your store manager, waiter or chef if they use Alaska Grown products. And if they don't, let them know that you like to spend your money where management commits to "buying local."


Listing created: 7/15/2008
Listing last updated: 7/17/2009
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Alaska Grown Alaska Grown
Alaskan Owned Alaskan Owned
Not for Profit

Phone: 907-761-3864
Website:  www.alaskagrown.org
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1800 Glenn Highway Suite 12
Palmer, AK 
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Phone: 907-761-3864
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Name:Amy Pettit  
Title:Development Specialist 1  
Phone: 907-761-3864
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