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Twinkle Toes and Wild Outer Wear
Twinkle Toes are the original Alaskan " all-terrain socks"I came up with the design when my oldest daughter was about 8 months old , and I couldn't find anything that wouldn't slip off her feet.She Just turned 22 !I make them out of the highest quality fleece with elastic in the back to keep them on. They go by shoe size from newborn up to Mens 15,have durable non-skid soles and are completely machine wash & dryable. I also make them Kneesock hight in the adult sizes. You can wear them as slippers or inside your clogs,crocs,tevas,etc.and they make great boot liners.
Prices range from $15 to $30 As my kids grew...so did my product designs. I have 3 original hat designs for kids of all ages, a baby poncho that's very popular with parents and hooded pullover jacketswith side pockets in all sizes. These all come in a full range of fun colors and patterns which are constantly changing.
The W.O.W. (for Wild Outer Wear) is my new name for the custom, personalized, one-of-a-kind artwear that has become my real passion and creative outlet. I have five or six basic styles of jackets,tunics,and vests which I embellish with Images from my own inspiration such as my signature sun , salmon, spirit bear, and Kokopeli, The fun part is bringing a customers personal totem into a form of comfy wearable art. .Many choose Windblock, water resistant fleece and I use reverse applique methods incorporating things such as beads , paint, and beautiful cotton batiks.I've done everything from Iris and fireweed to otters and ravens. Your imagination is the limit !
Feel free to call me
Lisa @ 907-745-8211 for more details & pictures


Listing created: 12/13/2007
Listing last updated: 1/2/2015
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Alaskan Owned Alaskan Owned
Made In Alaska Made In Alaska
Woman Owned Woman Owned
Business License: 310125
Year Established: 1992
Employees: 1-2

Phone: 907-745-8211
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7200 East Valley Circle
Suite # 7
Palmer, AK 
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Phone: 907-232-0615
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Name:Lisa Greenwood  
Phone: 907-232-0615
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"My daughter and I both bought a pair in June while on vacation in Anchorage, we LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Anonymous (9/4/2011)

"Just purchased some Twinkle Toe socks for baby gifts! Thanks Lisa for your excellent customer relations! I would highly recommend...two grandsons have and they are well made, stay on, and wash well" - Judy (3/15/2011)

"My best friend and I sit and play scrabble wearing our twinkle toes for cozy comfort and inspiration. We have jackets too, and they are awesome. Grateful." - solaye (3/13/2011)

"I love the slippers for the little ones. I use them on my 7 month old as shoes to keep his feet warm when we go out. I also put them over my toddlers pj's to keep his toes warm at night. Love Them!" - Meaghan Rothermel (3/8/2011)

"Have had a pair since i was 7 years old they are wonderful creations and only last year did mine finally get a hole. so durable and warm and great for everyday wear." - Danielle (2/18/2011)

"Bought some as a baby gift and both mommy & baby loved them! Looking to get some more..." - Anonymous (12/20/2010)

"My 21 month old loves twinkle toes and has ever since her first pair at 12 months old. I put them on her when we are traveling to keep her feet warm and I use them inside her rubber boots as a liner." - Dione (5/27/2010)

"Bought some of the sox while in Alaska -- love them love them. Thinking of ordering more friends here in Wisconsin" - Anonymous (10/18/2009)

"My granddaughter absolutely loves your socks. She is on her third pair and my grandson is now wearing hers. They last! Wash well! Look great!" - Kathy P (10/3/2009)

"An excelent product. very well made and perfect for young ones who always kick there socks off. " - Mary (10/2/2008)

"I love these slippers! They are light and warm. I live in Seattle and am cold all the time. My feet are very warm now. Thank you." - Anonymous (8/9/2008)

"Lisa’s products are beautiful, unique and very practical. I’ve been a seamstress since I was a teenager and her craftsmanship is unmatched. Twinkle Toes outerwear is the perfect gift yourself!" - Imageworkspub.com (1/24/2008)


Why We're Alaskan:
Everything I make was inspired by the quest for a better way to keep my family warm ,comfortable,& dry in the harsh Alaskan Elements.Yes..even fashionable ! It's always gratifying to
see folks on the street,trails, river, or slopes wearing it.
Baby booties,bog liners,boot liners,slippers,slipper socks, fleece socks,Alaskan clothing.fun hats ,kids clothing,wearable art,Jackets , one of a kind clothing,footwear,Unique clothing ,Alaskan slippers,Polar fleece slippers
Additional Notes:
Constant input and requests from friends who are Iditarod mushers(they love my fingerless gloves),North Slope workers(windbloc neck gators),fishermen,mountaineers,& snowboarders, assure that my products are doing the best job for every possible condition.

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