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Corrington Alaskan Ivory
Located in the heart of Skagway on Broadway at 5th Avenue and home to the "free" History of Alaska museum. The Corringtons have been in business at this location for 38 years. Dennis Corrington and his daughter Sherry make trading trips each year to Alaskan Eskimo villages to bring you the largest selection of Native Alaskan art direct from the artists to provide the most attractive prices in Southeast Alaska. Corringtons features Native artistic creations using materials of Alaska: fresh and fossilized walrus ivory, soapstone, jade, mammoth bone and tusk, whale & walrus bone as well as hand-crafted ulus, wooden bowls and totemic art. Also featured is the largest selection of naturally shed moose antler sculptures by Alaskan artist Bob Merry, an exclusive selection of hand-woven baleen baskets by Alaskan artist Cheri Ables, hand crafted Totem Poles from southeast Alaska by award winning artists Teddie and Pat Moore and collectibles from Lladro and Swarovski.
Leave some free time to enjoy the CORRINGTON MUSEUM OF ALASKAN HISTORY depicting the history of alaska on 32 scrimshawed walrus tusks. The museum is free and also is the home of the world's largest baleen basket.


Listing created: 12/11/2007
Listing last updated: 5/12/2012
Alaskan Owned Alaskan Owned
Chamber Member Chamber Member
Business License: 740518
Year Established: 1975
Employees: 6-10

Phone: (907 983-3089
Fax: (907) 983-3489
Website:  www.bestshoppingalaska.net
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Broadway @ 5th Avenue
535 Broadway
Skagway, AK 
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Phone: 907-983-3089
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Name:Nancy Corrington  
Phone: 907-983-3089
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Why We're Alaskan:
The Corringtons began business in Nome, Alaska in 1970 with the "Arctic Trading Post" dealing directly with local and Native artists. Corrington Alaskan Ivory continues this tradition today by providing an outlet for Native Alaskan artwork.
Shopping in Alaska, Alaskan Art, Eskimo Art, Swarovski, Lladro, Mill Creek sculptures, ulus, wooden bowls, salmon, gold nugget jewelry, totem poles, soapstone, silver totemic jewelry, ivory carvings, jade, bone, scrimshaw, knives, baleen basket
Additional Notes:
Artists we represent: jenny lyn smith, bob merry, b.merry studios, eddy lee, ekemo studios, alaska black diamond, eagle river knife company, artifacts, richardson knives, dennis sims, chupak, cheri ables, dale hanson



Free "genuine fake" bear claw with any purchase.
Date: 12/12/2007


Lladro, Swarovski, Mill Creek, Bob Merry sculptures, Cheri Ables baskets, Eddie Lee sculptures, Teddie and Pat Moore Totem Poles.

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