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Ugashik Wild Salmon Company, Inc.
Family owned and operated fish processing company for 50 years. One of the first processing companies in Alaska and for many years the only company packing in glass for the purest salmon available.
Our fish are all caught within a few miles of our processing plant by local fishing families. They are quickly chilled and then processed for the freshest taste and top quality. We also have independent testing to done to insure our quality.
Located in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska.
Offering retail and wholesale fish products, mostly salmon, processed without additives or chemicals.
Recommended for years by Dr. Theron Randolph for his patients with Multiply Chemical Sensitivities, as a form of chemically free protein.


Listing created: 10/29/2007
Listing last updated: 10/14/2011
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Alaskan Owned Alaskan Owned
Year Established: 1961
Employees: 11-20

Phone: 907-797-2232
Fax: 907-797-2237
Website:  www.briggsway.com
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Ugashik Village
Ugashik, AK 
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Ugashik Village
King Salmon, AK


Phone: 907-797-2232
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Name:Roland Briggs  
Phone: 907-797-2232
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"We received this salmon as a Christmas gift. It was exceptional!! It has no bones or skin, was pure beautiful wild Alaskan salmon. The caviar pate was a very good too. Recipes were included." - John McKay (1/14/2011)

"I ordered for the first time last week and received the best smoked and glass packed salmon I have ever had from Alaska. I will order again. Thank you for the outstanding product!" - Trish Webster (4/28/2008)

"We absolutely loved the salmon glass jarred products from Ugashik Wild Salmon. Knowing we are also supporting families and the commnunity is a plus. The smoked things have been great gifts too!!" - Mr & Mrs Bonner (4/27/2008)


Why We're Alaskan:
We are Alaskan owned, for 50 years, and maintain 100% of our operation in Alaska. We hire local first. We work with local fishermen, live and work in our community in Western Alaska.
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Additional Notes:
We continue to upgrade our facilities to make use of more and more renewable energy sources! Currently using wind and hope to add solar in 2012.


2011/2012 Pack Available

Visit our website-www.briggsway.com
for most updated offerings
Date: 10/29/2007


Brigg-Way brand

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