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Jesse Clifton & Associates, REALTORS
We are a full service real estate firm specializing in residential real estate sales, property management and consulting.

We are your advocate in a real estate transaction, protecting and promoting your best interests.

Are you in the market to buy or sell or know someone who is? Visit us online or call us at 907-699-6024 today!


Listing created: 10/18/2007
Listing last updated: 6/8/2009
Alaskan Owned Alaskan Owned
Woman Owned Woman Owned
Business License: 15292
Year Established: 2000
Employees: 3-5

Phone: 907-699-6024
Fax: 866-421-4339
Website:  www.the-spouses.com
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Jesse Clifton & Associates, REALTORS
250 N. Cushman Street
Fairbanks, AK 
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Phone: 907-699-6024
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Name:Jesse Clifton  
Phone: 907-699-6024
Name:Candice Watters  
Phone: 907-460-6002
Name:Kathy Clifton  
Phone: 907-699-6024
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"I cannot begin to tell you how helpful and wonderful they were. When ever I hear friends talk about buying house, I always tell them about the Clifton's and recommend them highly. " - Mr. & Mrs. C. MacMiller (10/18/2007)

"We would highly recommend Jesse and Kathy Clifton to anyone looking to buy or sell a home! We are very pleased to have had them as our REALTORS!" - Mr. & Mrs. W. Marley (10/18/2007)

"Two wonderful helpful people that anyone wanting to buy or sell a house would want to know! Our home is our haven, thanks to these two hard working "Spouses". Recommend them... You better believe it!" - Mr. & Mrs. C Mobley (10/18/2007)


Why We're Alaskan:
We have called Fairbanks and Interior Alaska home since 1983. We have proudly served buyers and sellers in the Golden Heart City since 2000.
Real Estate, homes for sale Fairbanks, North Pole


REMAX Associates of Fairbanks Greater Fairbanks Board of REALTORS GFBR Multiple Listing Service

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