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Arctic Structures
Welcome to Arctic Structures!

Arctic Structures has the longest history of being a local manufacturer and supplier of modular buildings for temporary or permanent Construction Camps, Housing Needs, Office Buildings, Schools and Classrooms, and various Industrial Facilities.

The pre-fabricated modular building business is critical in Alaska because of the logistical difficulty of reaching many remote oil developments, mining developments, and housing and construction sites located throughout the state. As Alaskans ourselves, we specialize in working in these remote areas and often harsh weather conditions that Alaska presents.

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Listing created: 10/18/2007
Listing last updated: 10/30/2007
Made In Alaska Made In Alaska
Business License: 902107
Year Established: 1963
Employees: 21-50

Phone: (907)522-2425
Fax: (907)522-2426
Website:  arcticstructures.com
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9312 Vanguard Dr.
Suite 200
Anchorage, AK 
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Phone: (907)522-2425 x 116
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Name:Raoul Pursell  
Title:Modular Sales  
Phone: (907)522-2425 x 116
Name:Tom Rickard  
Title:Metal Building Sales  
Phone: (907)522-2425 x 118
Name:John Dittrich  
Title:General Manager  
Phone: (907)522-2425 x 113
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Why We're Alaskan:
Established in 1963, Arctic Structures employs between 25 and 50 Alaskans and has completed over 1000 projects throughout Alaska, in remote areas and under harsh weather conditions.
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