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Fairweather Prints, Inc
Locally owned by Sitka artists Christie Jones and Colin Herforth, we specialize in original wearable art clothing which is hand silk screened and hand painted in our Sitka studio.
Inspired by the natural surroundings of Southeast Alaska and located in historic Sitka, Alaska, Fairweather Prints brings you wearable art clothing, fine art, original hand crafts, contemporary jewelry, and quality Alaskan made gifts and collectibles.


Listing created: 9/19/2007
Listing last updated: 9/16/2008
Accepts Orders Online Accepts Orders Online
Alaskan Owned Alaskan Owned
Chamber Member Chamber Member
Made In Alaska Made In Alaska
Woman Owned Woman Owned
Business License: 92-014-8179
Year Established: 1986
Employees: 6-10

Phone: 907-747-8677
Fax: 206-299-4501
Website:  fairweatherprints.com
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209 Lincoln St.
Sitka, AK 
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Phone: 907-747-8601
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Name:Christie Jones  
Phone: 907-747-8601
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