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Northern Lights Elk Ranch LLC
Northern Lights Elk Ranch produces top quality Rocky Mountain Elk, and elk by-products. These include cast elk horns, elk meat, and visits to a working elk ranch. We sell all natural elk meat by the half or whole animal. We also have a large area fenced off for trophy elk hunts. No hunting license required and a guaranteed animal. Summered in the land of the Midnight Sun and wintered under the Northern Lights makes the best elk in the world!


Listing created: 12/17/1999
Listing last updated: 3/4/2010
Alaska Grown Alaska Grown
Alaskan Owned Alaskan Owned
Woman Owned Woman Owned
Business License: 313476
Year Established: 1997
Employees: 1-2
Travel & Tourism

Phone: 907-745-6969
Fax: 907-745-6869
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8850 N. Simineo Circle
Palmer, AK 
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8850 N. Simineo Circle
Palmer, AK


Phone: (907) 745-6869
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Name:Jackie Simineo  
Phone: (907) 745-6869
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"Delbert and Jackie are the nicest, hardest working people on this planet, bar none! Their ranch is stunning and their animals could not be better cared for. What more can I say? Kurt Sorensen, Chugiak" - Anonymous (12/12/2009)

"this place is beatiful,peaceful and the elk are so majestic. I can not wait to go back. not only are the elk amazing to whatch but you see other animals too. Bears, moose and more." - Anonymous (5/14/2009)

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