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Northwoods Enterprises Log Home Chinking and Restoration
Northwoods Enterprises is a full service professional company specializing in all phases of log home care and maintenance since 1997. Services include chinking, glass blasting, sanding, staining, refinishing, rot & fire damage repair. We use only the finest quality products and are licensed, bonded and fully insured.


Listing created: 9/12/2012
Listing last updated: 9/12/2012
Alaskan Owned Alaskan Owned
Year Established: 1997
Employees: 1-2

Phone: 907 832 5221
Website:  www.northwoodsenterprises.com
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Nenana, AK 
PO Box 237
Nenana, AK


Phone: 907 832 5221
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Name:Manfred Nolywaika  
Phone: 907 832 5221
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Why We're Alaskan:
Owner Manfred Nolywaika has been an Alaska resident for over 25 years. Northwoods Enerprises has been beautifying Alaskan log homes around the state since 1997. We purchase our supplies through local businesses whenever possible.
log home, chinking, staining, sanding, glass blasting, refinishing, restoration, rot repair, fire damage
Additional Notes:
Northwoods Enterprises offers trusted, experienced log home care for some of the finest log homes in Alaska. Call us for local references from satisfied clients in your neighborhood.


Thinking Ahead

We are now forming our 2013 season client list. How do your logs look? Chinking can help keep your house warmer next winter.
Date: 9/12/2012


Sashco, Perma Chink

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