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Goblin Productions
Karaoke/DJ Music. For a fun time at Your next Party.
to make the Perfect Wedding,or Corporate Function a smash, how about Karaoke? Imagine Uncle Jim trying to sing "Free Bird" or Aunt Rose belting out "Crazy" or maybe the Boss trying to sing some "Guns and Roses".
We can also do just Music/DJ or Mc services.


Listing created: 10/20/2010
Listing last updated: 10/20/2010
Alaskan Owned Alaskan Owned
Business License: 735966
Year Established: 2006
Employees: 1-2

Phone: 907-230-1306
Website:  www.goblinpro.com
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1011 West 30th
Anchorage, AK 
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PO BOX 240442
Anchorage, AK


Phone: 907-230-1306
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Name:DuWayne David  
Phone: 907-230-1306
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Why We're Alaskan:
Provide a service for the People of Anchorage and the surrounding area. I live and work in Anchorage and support Alaskan Businesses, My money stays right here.
Karaoke DJ Music

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